Top 10 Best skins for Kodi 2017 (Kryton)


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Top 10 Best skins for Kodi 2017 (Kryton)

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Kodi (latest version Krypton) is one of the most powerful and trending open source media player out there, Which is previously called XMBC. Today, we are going to list out top 10 best skins for Kodi 2017 KryptonWhat makes Kodi more compelling is its open source and freely available, which gives a boost to developers and users to customize Kodi according to their needs. Kodi works on many platforms such as Android, Mac, Windows Pc, Linux, Amazon Fire Tv, RasberryPie, etc.

Kodi is a multi-platform Home Theater PC (HTPC) application. It lets the user play their favorite videos, music, and TV Shows from the device library. What makes Kodi stand out of other media player is its ability to allow users to access streaming media content through online services such as YouTube, Rhapsody, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Crackle, Spotify, etc. For that, you have to add plugins or Add-ons.

Today we are going to show how you can customize your Kodi media player with freely available Kodi build skins. Before that let us show you how to change Kodi skins and later move on to best skins for Kodi part.

How to install and change Kodi skins

Estuary and Estouchy for touch screen devices Kodi’s new default skin introduced earlier this year. For the default skin, it has more customizable options. We suggest default skin before diving on to other custom skins because it is stable and extremely well-supported skin.

However, if you want to change Kodi’s default skin, so lets head there (it’s straightforward)

  • on home screen click on the settings icon

How to install kodi and change skins

  • And then go to interface section

How to install kodi and change skins

  • A window appears in that select skin from list of options

How to install kodi and change skins

  • A pop-up window appears, in which you can choose a new skin.

How to install kodi and change skins

Click “Get More” button in the popup window which directly takes you to the skin section in the Add-on manager, Where you can download new custom skins.

The Top 10 Best Skins for Kodi 2017

  1. Aeon Nox 5

    If you like Kodi Jarvis(16.1) version default skin Confluence then chances are higher that you may like Aeon Nox. It has a variety of customization settings skin theme, fonts, and colors. If you want to dive deep to explore features of Aeon Nox, you can modify the main menu look while disabling/enabling the various settings of the skin. If you are a newbie and looking for best Kodi skins, you can try this skin without any doubt. It runs smoothly even on small devices, such as Amazon Fire TV Stick.

    Aeon Nox 5 Kodi

  2. Arctic: Zephyr

    Arctic: Zephyr is a cool name better than most of the other Kodi skins. Crisp, and Clean is what you are looking for then this is one of the Top 10 best Kodi skins 2017 out there. Below the Simplicity there lies a whole lot of customization options, which let you amazed if you take time to build it. This is one of the best Kodi skins which has amazing functional user interface showing much info at a glance. It comes with two variants dark and light, whats the catch is it does not support mouse or touch for navigation purpose you have to rely on a remote.

    Artic Zephyr Kodi

  3. Xperience 1080

    Kodi is Good in its default skin, but if you want to experience 1080p resolution and better user interface, then there is no other replacement for Xperience1080. It is a panel based skin with full HD (1920×1080). If you have a Xbox, you know this theme is pretty much similar to it. The only drawback is partial touch support. The intuitive and smart design makes this theme one of best Kodi skins out there.

    Xperience 1080 Kodi

  4. Amber

    Amber is a lightweight and user-friendly Kodi theme making it ideal for running on less powerful devices. If you like Kodi’s Confluence(default skin for Kodi 16) you may fall in love with this skin, it is simple and lightweight skin that can run on all kind of devices and platforms. Its Key feature is you can customize home shelf either vertically or horizontally and other features are you can add a custom background, home shelf and home menu.

    amber kodi

  5. Eminence 2.0

    Eminence is good Kodi skin with a sleek look and simple user interface. It has a customizable home screen where you can add YouTube, Music, Videos, Tv Shows and other slots to it. You can also add playlist directly to the home screen. Content organization is impeccable and makes it easy for the user. This Skin does not have too many customization options, but still, it is swift and work fine on all devices.

    Eminence 2.0 Kodi

  6. Pellucid

    Pellucid is another one of the top 10 best skin for Kodi with the main menu looks like Omni skin. This skin works only on Kodi Krypton 17 build. Before opting for install make sure you have the latest version Kodi Krypton. Since Kodi Krypton 17 is the most stable version up to date. It’s clear menu and animations at the bottom makes it to the list of best Kodi skins.

    pellucid kodi

  7. Box

    One of the best skin started as MOD for niamu skin, but this mod eventually developed its fan base and became Box. It consists of fifteen customizable main menus, five sub menus and thirty-five widgets for them. Mouse and Touch support is available in this skin, so you can use on any device and not limited to a single input unit. Box has plenty of color accents for the skin, and at least one could match your preference. Without a chance, Box is one of the best Kodi skins for Krypton 17 build.


    BOX Kodi

  8. Rapier

    Rapier is a complete and reliable theme for your media center customization. It has a Vivid and advanced interface which can be customized without any hassle. This skin shows a lot of information on screen layout without being a mess. It is one of the oldest theme available for Kodi, but still, it earned the list of top 10 best skin for Kodi by being up to date in looks and continuous updates.

    Rapier Kodi

  9.  Titan

    Titan is a great skin does precisely what it is supposed to do. Sharp and clean text, vivid menus makes this skin simple yet attractive. Light design support almost all devices. Currently, the latest version for Kodi 17 (Krypton) is in beta stage do check out Kodi forum regularly. There is no other option you have to wait patiently for a stable update if you want this best Kodi skin.

    Titan Kodi

  10. Nebula

    Nebula is a rich skin with simple user interface. It is of one the best skin for Kodi 17(Krypton) which supports touch. It has a variety of customization options, and there is one popular thing for this skin is random and recommend options for its media center. This skin works well for Smart TVs and Live PVRs. It might not be great skin but its feature makes it on the list

    Nebula Kodi

Best skins for Kodi 2017 – Which one should I choose?

Beauty lies with a person who sees in his perception, so it’s hard for me to judge which is the best skin you can choose. After seeing this article, I am you sure you like some of them, so my suggestion is to try them out and decide according to your will. If you know any other Best Kodi Skins, do let us know and why in the comment section. Keep visiting Techsbot Cheers!

How to Customize your Kodi Skins

As we mentioned most of the skin allows you to customize them. Customizations vary with different skins we couldn’t able to explain options for all skins, so it is best to check out the settings and have fun by customizing the way you want.

  • Settings > Skin settings section

how to customize kodi skins

  • A window opens you can find all sorts of customization options.

how to customize kodi skins

So our best advice is that if you like a skin just go to the settings and make customization of your choice.

Kaja Vijayakarunan

Kaja Vijayakarunan

Tech Enthusiast & Blogger straight out of Jaffna.

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