How to use Droplr to share files easily.

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How to use Droplr to share files easily.


At a certain point, you may have realized sharing lot of files with your friends and colleagues takes a long time and becomes a hectic job if you do it as routine work.

There are many ways to share a file. Either you use social applications such as Whatsapp, Viber, Slack, etc. or attach a file to an email or you use cloud storage services such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Mega etc. and generate a shareable link and then share it with the person you want to send a file.

The methods mentioned above have restrictions and time-consuming process. For instance, if you have a file size more than 20mb you can’t able to send it through social messaging apps, and same restrictions come for email too.

For sharing files of bigger size, many of them use cloud storage services which again comes with some set of problems. Sharing large size file is hard and time taking.

If you share files once in a while, it won’t be inconvenient, what if, you want to share as much as freelancers do then you will know about time loss and pain of manual labor you have to do. Here is where Droplr comes in hand. I have been using this for the past week, and I fell for it.

Droplr is a one super utility tool that made me productive, and that’s why I am going to share it with you. Droplr makes you process of sharing file easy within a few clicks. If you are interested, let’s see how to use Droplr to share files easily without any hassle.

Install Droplr on your Device

  • Download Droplr Application and install it on your PC
  • After installing, register an account on Droplr using an email or Slack or using Google.

how to install and sign in droplr

Note: Currently App is only available for iOS, Android OS, and Mac OS. Windows and Linux users can make use of Droplr Chrome extensions and web App until Droplr comes to their platform.

You can Download Droplr App here

 How Droplr works

  • Droplr allows users to share files quickly by generating a shareable link.
  • You don’t need to copy the link as soon as link created they are copied to the clipboard.
  • Once you share a link with a person, he can download files without any login.

How to use droplr

Inbuilt Features of Droplr

  • Draw
  • Screenshot
  • Screencast
  • Shorten URL
  • Share webpage as image
  • Share file
  • Upload Clipboard
  • Capture your reaction
  • Compose Note

How to use Droplr

  • Take screenshot and share using Droplr

    once you launch an app, you will see a visible menu bar and it shows you all the features of Droplr. Click Screenshot now your cursor will turn into a select tool and you can select the area you wanted to take a shot. As the shot taken Droplr will upload the image, create a shareable link and copy the link to clipboard. If you use Mac you will see a small notification bar on the window.

    how to use droplr

  • Share an Annotated screenshot using Droplr

    Click Droplr icon, in the menu bar you can see draw tool. It is same as screenshot tool, but with this, you can go one step further by editing/annotate the screenshot you have taken using Droplr. After annotating the screenshot click upload button, Droplr will upload the file and create a shareable link and then copy the link automatically to the clipboard.

Annotate screenshot using droplr

  • Record and share Screencast using Droplr

    Click Droplr icon and select Screencast tool.After that just select and drag part of the screen you want to record.  When you click on Screencast tool, you will see the same window as mentioned below. Click start recording button to start recording. As soon as the recording starts, you will see Droplr icon turns to recording icon, once you are done click recording icon and select finish recording option. Here there are also pause and mute/unmute audio options.

Screencast tool Droplr

  • Share a file on your hard drive using Droplr

    To share a file on your hard disk just drag and drop the file on Droplr icon in the top panel. If the file is too large Droplr will automatically zip the file and upload it to their server. After upload, just like before Droplr will create a shareable link and copy it the clipboard.

    drag and drop files in droplr

  • Capture your reaction and post compose note using Droplr

    Capture your reaction and Compose note are two cool features that make Droplr stand out of typical Fie sharing product. Click capture your reaction to start recording video and send file either by GIF/Movie format. To find the capture your reaction option you can click on more button. You can also send a note using compose note option.

how to use droplr

  • Shorten URL and Share Webpage as image

    Finally, Shorten URL and Share Webpage as image are two productive tools available for Droplr Chrome extension which helps users to shorten URL of any webpage, capture webpage as PNG Format and send it anywhere.

how to use droplr

Security features of Droplr

  • Ability to password protect your file. You can password protect a file by right-clicking on it and select change privacy option.
  • Ability to send a self-destructive file. You can self-destruct a file after sending it and even set time limits to it.

how to use droplr

Productivity of Droplr

  • Droplr is best for sharing quick files like screencast/screenshot.
  • In Droplr three steps happening with on click uploading, creating a shareable link and copying it to the clipboard.
  • You can integrate Droplr with other applications like Slack, Twitter, Basecamp, Hipchat, etc.
  • Droplr has also plugins for various creative applications like Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. This helps designers share their work without leaving their workspace.

Pricing and availability of Droplr

  • As far as availability is concerned it is available for MacOS and iOS. Linux and Windows user will have to settle for chrome extension which is available for their platform
  • Pricing is where most people think about Droplr is it worth it? of course, there is Droplr free account available but there is a catch you can only drop(shares) 10/month.
  • If you want unlimited shares you have to buy pro version which is 10$/month.
  • However, you can get as low as 30$/month using free coupon codes on the internet.

Droplr pricing

Share files with Droplr hassle free

  • Droplr makes sharing easy
  • You can even large file with ease
  • You don’t have to switch applications for most of the work
  • Droplr makes Screenshot and Screencast pretty easy to share.
  • Makes your work productive only drawback is pricing.

As we know every good application comes with its own price tag. First, check out the free version and then decide whether to go for pro or not! if you have any doubts comment and we are here to support you. Keep visiting Techsbot!

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