How To Install Kodi in Android TV Box

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How To Install Kodi in Android TV Box


Latest version Kodi “Krypton” came up with a lot of features including new interfaces for all your tools. Kodi is available for almost all platforms. There are plenty of Kodi how-to guides can be found on the web. Today in this post we will share a guide to Install Kodi in Android TV box. If you are familiar with Kodi and Android TV, you can skip the following two paragraphs.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a 100% open source video streaming software which can be helpful to stream online videos or live TV in the home network. As I said above it’s available for almost all platforms Android,  iOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux. If you are Windows Phone user, we are sorry to say that Kodi is not available for Windows Phones and there is no information about the release. You can download Kodi from their official website

What is Android TV?

Android TV is an open source project by Google to bring the Android Mobile experience to Televisions. As in the Android Mobile, you can also install Apps from google play store, Play Games, and more. You can get this from their official site.

Android TV Box?

Android TV Box is just a simple TV box which is running the Android TV OS. If you don’t own one, you can always get one from Amazon.

How to Install Kodi in Android TV

Step 01:- Connect your Android TV Box to your TV using HDMI cable and turn it on.

Step 02:- Setup a Wi-Fi connection on your Android TV box.

Step 03:- Login into your Android TV box using Gmail account. If you don’t have Gmail account, create one. You need it to download apps from play store. I’m pretty sure that you might have one.

Step 04:- If your TV is running on old Android versions update it. The latest version is required to install Kodi.

Step 05:- Open the Google Play store and Download Kodi from the Play store.

Step 06:- Install

That’s all. Installing Kodi in Android TV box is not hard as we think. Now it’s time to enjoy free movies, series, music, and more.



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