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How to Install Ghost on Mac

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How to Install Ghost on Mac


Ghost is a blogging platform which is only focused to make the blogging experience very easy and attractive. Initially launched by John O’Nolan and now backed by a lot of popular brands. Like in WordPress, you can’t have other functions like e-commerce in Ghost.

In this step by step guide, we are going to walk you through the locally installing ghost on mac.


Node.js is compulsory to run Ghost. Therefore, we should install it before start installing ghost.

To install node.js on macOS Sierra (or OSX 10.11, 10.10 and OSX 10.9) you can use the pre-compiled binary package. Go to and download the version6 package.


Once downloaded the package, install it. It will install Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager) which will be useful to install additional node packages.


After completing the installation check whether the node.js is installed correctly or not by using the command node -v. It will return the version if it’s installed correctly.


Install Ghost on Mac using Ghost CLI:

Step 01: Open your mac terminal and install Ghost CLI using NPM using the command sudo npm i -g ghost cli


Step 02: After installing the Ghost CLI create a folder anywhere on your mac. You can use mkdir command to create a folder.

Example – mkdir gHostDev (Here gHostDev is the folder name.)

Step 03: Now open the newly created folder via terminal. Use the cd command to move around the folders.

Example – cd gHostDev (cd stands for Change Directory)

Step 04: After that, run the ghost install local command. Refer this gif image in case you need a help.

Step 05: That’s all you have installed Ghost on your mac. Now it’s time to configure your ghost blog. You can do it by opening http://localhost:2368/ghost on the browser.

If you face any problems or you have any doubts feel free to shoot your questions in the comments section.


Thiru Kumaran

Thiru Kumaran

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