Digital Ocean Hosting Review 2018

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Digital Ocean Hosting Review 2018


There are many web hosting service providers who claim to be the best web host around. So, it might be confusing for you to decide between too many hosting options. Choosing a web hosting with the latest technology is always a wise decision. Latest technology which is implemented in web hosting is SSD enable hosting. SSD means solid state drives which replace standard hard disk drives. So, while looking for some cool web hosting providers who have SSD enabled hosting, we stumbled on Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean or popularly known as DO, is one of the best web hosting service providers who offer SSD hosting.

We found Digital Ocean hosting very interesting. So, we decided to review it and share some awesome features, which make it awesome. Here is the detailed review of digital Ocean hosting.

Digital Ocean hosting review:-

Plans and pricing:-

Digital Ocean is known for its highly customizable SSD cloud server hosting. You have many options of plan to choose from. From affordable and common plans of DO starts from $5 per month. In this plan, you get a hosting with 1GB RAM with Single core processor, 25GB SSD space, and 1TB of bandwidth. Another one is most popular plan from the company, which is priced at $10 per month. In this plan, you’ll able to enjoy 50GB SSD space, 2Tb bandwidth on a server which has 2GB of RAM and single core processor.

1 GB1 vCPU25 GB1 TB$5/mo
2 GB1 vCPU50 GB2 TB$10/mo
3 GB1 vCPU60 GB3 TB$15/mo
2 GB2 vCPUs60 GB3 TB$15/mo
1 GB3 vCPUs60 GB3 TB$15/mo
4 GB2 vCPUs80 GB4 TB$20/mo
8 GB4 vCPUs160 GB5 TB$40/mo

Get the complete pricing list here.

Hosting Setup:-

Setting up your hosting is different on Digital Ocean. Most of the other web hosts do this for you when you buy hosting from them. On DO, you need to setup your domain and create Droplets. Droplets are accounts on DO. You can choose Operating system on which your website will run. You have many options like Linux Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian and Fedora distributions. You can install them with one click. Once it is completed, you can start using your hosting account with ease. While creating the droplet, you can choose various plans and server location on which you want to create Droplet.

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Customer Support:-

Customer support is very important thing for a web hosting company. On Digital Ocean, you may face problems while creating droplets. So, you can connect with their customer support to help you solve your problems. You can contact Digital Ocean’s Customer support staff via Email ticket system. You have to tell your problem to customer support in the support ticket and they’ll revert back to help you solve your problems. Their customer support is very excellent but they should have added more contact options to connect with customer support.

Performance and Security:-

Digital Ocean Used SSD enabled servers with cloud technology. High-quality servers are made with the configuration of Hex core processors and ECC RAM for smooth performance. All Digitalocean Servers are connected to each other with 1GBPS optic fiber internet connection making it blazing fast. In addition to this features, security of your DO account is very high due to the implementation of KVM Virtualization technique. Also, Digital Ocean engineers monitor their servers for spam and hacking attacks and prevent them.

Verdict of Digital Ocean Hosting Review:-

Digital Ocean is most advanced web hosting provider in the market. Their high-speed servers with SSD’s and cloud technology makes them work blazing fast. Digital Ocean is ideal hosting if your website is getting good amount of traffic and current shared hosting is not able to handle this load. Digital Ocean servers can handle any amount of traffic load very easily. Also, if you know about hosting and server environment, then you can choose ideal Linux Distribution for hosting your sites. With Widespread data centers all over the world, you have the option to choose from server locations.

In short, the verdict of this Digital Ocean review is, it is one of the best-advanced web hosting providers and Spending money on any plan from them is really worth.



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