Top 10 AppLock Apps for Android 2018

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Top 10 AppLock Apps for Android 2018


A Smartphone is a personal gadget. We have our photos, videos in our gallery and social media personal messages which should be kept safe and secure. For that, we have made a list of top ten best applock for Android.

We all have that stupid friend who always sneaks around while borrowing our phone? Right. For that, we need to set an app lock. Some custom Roms like Lineage Os and Android stock Roms from various manufacturers come with default app lock. However, most Android users look for cool app lock apps in google play store.

Unlike ios which need jailbreak to safeguard apps with code or Touch ID. Android has several options to lock your apps and the phone. You can use a pattern, a password, a pin, and some recent advanced technologies such as fingerprint lock and facial recognition. So here is the Top 10 best app lock for Android 2017.

Top 10 Best AppLock for Android

1. Built in Stock ROM App Lock

As a need for app lockers became inevitable, some smartphone manufacturers thought it should be mandatory. So they provided app lock as an inbuilt feature in their phones. That is why companies like SAMSUNG, ASUS, Xiaomi, etc. have included app lockers as in built feature in their stock ROMs. You will also find app lockers in other customs ROMs.

These Built-in app lockers are more stable and secure. Since it is part of default Stock ROMs, this the reason why it is first on our list of  Top 10 best app lockers for Android.

If you are a Samsung user, you can download Secure Folder in Samsung Galaxy apps market. In some Samsung phones, this app comes as a default app. If you don’t have inbuilt app lock continue reading.

2. App Lock

App Lock by DOMOBILE is one of the most popular app lockers out there with more than 100 million downloads. This app locker is certainly best app in Google Play Store. The app can do basic things like locking up a particular app, hiding images, and videos not even showing them up in a gallery, only accessible through photo and video vault with in the app. It also includes Fingerprint support, uninstall protection, and even you can lock system functions such as Incoming Calls, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, etc. App has advanced protections, you can hide from app drawer and if you want to use the app after hidden dial #password in phone dialer and hit call. You can enable premium features by paying via Donation. The app includes ads which are non-intrusive one and shows up rare.

Schützen (AppLock)
Schützen (AppLock)
Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

3. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock-Fingerprint by SPSoft takes third place in our List of Top ten Best AppLock for Android 2017. The size of the app is just 3MB very less compare to other app locks and supports 31 languages. And most importantly ability to secure thumbnail of apps in the recent window. This AppLock has various features like

  • SmartLock: Auto unlock when connected to specific Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Snapshot: Captures intruders who are trying to open an app.
  • Fingerprint: Gives more protection and highly convenient lock.
  • FakeLock: Fool the intruder with fake force close popup window.
  • NotificationLock: Can block the notification of the locked apps in the top of the notification bar.
  • Scalable pattern: We can increase pattern size up to 18X18.
  • Multiple passwords: We can give a set different password for each app.
Schützen(Smart AppLock)
Schützen(Smart AppLock)
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free+

4.Privacy Knight

Privacy Knight-Privacy Applock, Vault, hide apps developed by Alibaba Group is an ad-free app locker and certainly deserves a place in Best app lock for Android 2017. The app uses different methods like Pin/Pattern, Fingerprint, Facial recognition and gestures to lock apps. Apart from securing apps, you can also block incoming calls using Privacy Knight. The app contains Photo&Video Privacy Vault which hides photos/videos without securing the gallery. You can also disguise this app as a dialer.

Privacy Knight- AppLock, Tresor, Gesicht Sperre
Privacy Knight- AppLock, Tresor, Gesicht Sperre


Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault by Liquidum Limited. Hexlock has impressive UI which is more vibrant and easy to use. One of the features which make this different from a regular one is profiles. Applock can be set according to the occasion or location like work, home, school, party, etc. On each profile, you can assign desired apps. For Example, you can save party related apps like camera, music app, etc. in one profile and activate that profile to the apps when you get home and vice versa. The app contains non-intrusive ads you can remove them by in-App purchase.

6.Private Zone – AppLock & Vault(Leo Privacy)

Private Zone – AppLock & Vault by Leo Masters is a popular app in this genre. This app got an ultra modern and fresh UI. What makes this app stand out of all other apps is it has in-built call blocker option, you can block any calls by adding numbers to block list. Its primary function is to filter and block spam calls. The app also got exclusive Antitheft feature in which you can remotely control lost phone and locate on the map. The app also has in-built phone boost which can clear junk and cache.

7.Perfect AppLock(App Protector)

Perfect AppLock by Morisson Software is a simple app yet effective one in this genre. Apart from default things all the app locker do this app annoys the intruder with flash and warning messages. You can remotely start App Lock using SMS command. This app uses Gestures, Pin, Pattern as security encryptions. Using this app, you can even lock system functions such as brightness, WiFi, Bluetooth, Data, Sync, USB(MTP not supported). After three failed attempts app captures, intruders face using watchdog feature. In this app you can customize the app screen the way you desire, that includes Background, Keyboard.

8.CM Locker

CM Locker by Cheetah Mobiles (makers of clean master)is eighth in our list of top 10 best App locker for android marshmallow 2017, does not have an excellent reputation but still a decent App with every feature. The app supports fingerprint unlocking, and it can lock system functions such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Etc. The Primary feature it has is Anti-Theft Protection, in which you can connect CM Locker with Facebook account and remotely lock, locate your device and set off its siren for private security. Also, it comes with lock screen widgets like Music control, Camera Shortcuts, Handy toolbox such as Flashlight, Calculator, and Brightness adjust, etc.  It has intruder selfie option which snaps a photo when three incorrect attempts made, and immediately send it your email. Plus, you can personalize lock page with the desired theme with in the app or use gallery image.

9. MaxLock

MaxLock is one of the very few app locks that require Xposed framework, which needs rooting or custom recovery. So this app lock can be used only on Rooted Android devices. If you have rooted Android device, you can enjoy some cool feature with MaxLock. This app lock is free and does not have ads. In this app battery and performance is the primary priority. It has multiple lock types pattern, knock code, PIN, and password. This open source app lock includes many features fake crash, Master switch to disable this app quickly, option to hide notifications per app basis, option to disable recent thumbnail of locked apps, protection against uninstallation and more. The premium feature includes a log of failed unlock attempts, backup/restore locked app list and IMOD grace period for relocking.

MaxLock - Xposed app locker
MaxLock - Xposed app locker

10. Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock is by NortonMobiles, traditional antivirus makers. It offers pretty good and straightforward app locker for Android. If you are looking for totally free and ads free app this app locker is just for you. With this app lock, you can lock apps by pin, pattern, password, and fingerprint. You can also set recovery email and sneak peek feature which captures a photo of an intruder who enters the wrong password three times. It can also be bypassed if the peeker is smart, but still, it’s one solid app locker out there. The app comes with recommendation list that lets you know which app should be locked.

Norton App Lock
Norton App Lock
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free

Wrapping Up

We have made this list of top ten best applock for Android 2017 out of research and by experience. With increasing security threads you have to take care of your smartphones using these smart app locks. The easiest way to fight against these threats by installing the best app lock apps for Android and customizing as per your needs.  Hope you like it! comment if you know any other best app lockers out there.

Keep visiting Techsbot cheers!

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